Magical Bedtime Stories for Terribly Interesting Children



O’ar Pali is an established journalist, writer, and filmmaker. 


She has been published in numerous publications including the renowned magazine The Spectator, financial publications (covering the credit crunch to Hong Kong during the financial exodus), as well as international fashion magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan). She was also youngest editor of the popular Wallpaper* City Guides and contributing editor to the leading architecture and design magazine Wallpaper*.

Recently, her children’s book ‘The Boy Who Found the Compass’ (part of a series) was published in the American  literary review ‘The Opiate’ in its entirety, in the publication's Spring issue. The book is now in discussion with international publishers in France. More on this, soon...


In 2012, Ms Pali left journalism to pursue a career in filmmaking. Since then she has written, directed and produced two award winning short films and two feature films.


As a young girl, Ms Pali has won a number of awards in the U.S. for writing and public speaking in national and state competitions. 


In 2007, Ms Pali graduated from Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, having previously gained a Bachelor of Science degree in 2004. 


As a student at Oxford University, Ms Pali founded the first women’s magazine in the university’s history. The publication spoke to her contemporaries by offering interesting articles in all fields written by young talented women and featuring contributing articles by leading minds from around the world. 


While at Oxford she was also an active member of the acclaimed Oxford Union debating society, often also hosting and interviewing the society’s famed guest speakers. 


Her love for arts, sciences and fiction is alive and vivid in her children’s stories. 

Illustrated by Cécile FRANCÈS.

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